Video - Test Drive Unlimited - Koenigsegg CC8S

Videa Koenigsegg CC8S Test Drive Unlimited - Koenigsegg CC8S

Test Drive Unlimited - Koenigsegg CC8S

MrRod787 - Gaming © ;P Some Videos Of Great Games I Play. This Time Test Drive Unlimited , Pretty Old But Gold ;) Amazing Game That I Finished One Year Ago And i Still Play It. I Have All The Houses , Cars Etc. Why Not Driving One of my Best Cars? My Powerful Violet Velvet Koenigsegg! Amazing car gets to 424 kph! I still think nothing can beat my F1. Anyway i hope you guys of my garage coming soon. Thanks! And yeah i drive better..i was in a bit of hurry so..not much concentrated..This Race Took 16 Mins to Complete..Viaggio Grande... ;P Again Thanks And Enjoy! :D MrRod787 © 2011

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