Video - Race 07 Koenigsegg CCGT at Macau 07

Videa Koenigsegg CCGT Race 07 Koenigsegg CCGT at Macau 07

Race 07 Koenigsegg CCGT at Macau 07

Me driving a Koenigsegg CCGT around the track ''Macau 07'' in Race 07. All aids were off expect damage 0% and auto clutch. I used the keys WASD and UO(manual gearbox) to drive the car. I recorded the video with Fraps. The lap time was 2:22:267. The song used was ''Stratovarius - Chasing Shadows''. All credit for the music goes to Stratovarius, I do not own it. I only use it for a video made to entertain people without any financial gain.

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