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Koenigsegg CCXR Edition

This was the best day of my life. I was invited as special guest to MPH 08 by Tommy Wareham of Koenigsegg UK to help promote the new Koenigsegg CCXR Edition. Not a proposal you get everyday. We arrived at Earls Court, London and greeted by Tommy who let us into the MPH way before the it even opens to look at all the supercars. No queuing for us! I walked up to the Koenigsegg stand there and was shocked to be greeted by the founder himself Mr Christian Von Koenigsegg! I spoke to him for ages about the car, where and how its built, the design and engineering behind it. He showed me round the car and opened it all up to see the engine and interior and I sat inside it as well. Christian designed the car completely himself and also did a lot of the engineering and development of all the Koenigsegg cars since business began in 1999. This being the latest Koenigsegg, the CCXR Edition, it is completely made of carbon-fibre and it has a clear coat to reveal the incredible bare weaving of the carbon-fibre body. Inside it is plush red leather throughout with Koenigseggs own sound system and dials and clocks. Christian told me about how civilised it is to drive and also how brutally fast it can be with its 4.8L twin supercharged V8 engine with dry sump lubrication. The engine produces up to 1018bhp when running on bio-ethanol and 888bhp when on regular unleaded petrol. Top speed is over 252mph. The design is flowing and stunning whilst the engineering is complex but precise. This car ...

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