Video - Koenigsegg CC8S-INSANE SOUNDS, ACCELERATION, 808HP!! 720p HD

Videa Koenigsegg CC8S Koenigsegg CC8S-INSANE SOUNDS, ACCELERATION, 808HP!! 720p HD


I filmed this amazing Koenigsegg CC8S at the Viva Italia auto event at the TT circuit in Assen. Half way through the show this magnificent Koenigsegg turned up, and it stole the show. The owner revved a few times, and set all the Ferrari's alarms off. I also recorded the amazing acceleration through a tunnel. The car has an amazing 808HP coming from its V8 engine. The car does 0-100kph in 3,6 seconds and has an amazing topspeed of 389kph. Please subscribe, like and favorite. Here is some information about the car, only 6 were made! Development The CC8S started off as the CC prototype. Despite very limited resources, the chassis, suspension, brakes, wishbones uprights and many other items where all custom designed for the car by Koenigseggs small team. The car was very original and got a lot of attention but in order to test the waters, Koenigsegg decided to bring the CC prototype to the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. The reaction to the car was favorable and the first international contacts were taken. The automaker felt assured and pushed onwards to reach production and just five years later, in 2002, Koenigsegg began series production of the CC8S model.[2] [edit]Overview [edit]Body It's a two-door, two-seater Targa top, meaning it possesses a removable hardtop roof with the added feature that is stowable under the bonnet. The chassis is a kevlar reinforced carbon fiber semi-monocoque attached with steel subframe up front and aluminum subframe at the rear for mounting ...

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