Video - Koenigsegg CC8S - BRUTAL SOUND!!! (720p HD)

Videa Koenigsegg CC8S Koenigsegg CC8S - BRUTAL SOUND!!! (720p HD)

Koenigsegg CC8S - BRUTAL SOUND!!! (720p HD)

Hello everyone! Today i recorded finally my first KOENIGSEGG!! The car was at the event called 'Auto Italia Houten 2011' .. There was a lot of Ferrari's, the event was very nice. I asked the owner if he can start up the car, and he did! Also you see some INSANE loud revvs, it is just unbelievable loud when you standing next to this monster..! Please rate, comment, fave and SUBSCRIBE for more from this event! Information: Manufacturer: Koenigsegg Production: 2002--2004 6 built (!) Assembly: Ängelholm, Sweden Successor: Koenigsegg CCR Class: Sports car Body style: 2-door Targa top Layout: Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive Engine: 4.7 L V8 Transmission: 6-speed manual Nederlands: Fabrikant: Koenigsegg Productie: 2002-2004 6 gebouwd (!) Montage: Ängelholm, Zweden opvolger: Koenigsegg CCR Klasse: Sportwagen Body style: 2-deurs Targa top Indeling: Achter mid-motor, achterwielaandrijving Motor: 4,7 L V8 Transmissie: handgeschakelde 6-bak

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