Video - Forza 4 1080P VIP Gift Halo Koenigsegg CCGT

Videa Koenigsegg CCGT Forza 4 1080P VIP Gift Halo Koenigsegg CCGT

Forza 4 1080P VIP Gift Halo Koenigsegg CCGT

This is a VIP Gift car from the Turn 10 Community Team. The 2008 Koenigsegg CCGT with Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary custom paint. Thumbs up if you enjoy this video or want to see more content like this. As always if you have any comments, suggestions or requests please let me know. Music: "Vast Lands" by Atrillest (Used by Permission) ((( Forza Motorsport 4 Autovista Playlist ))) ((( Forza Motorsport 4 Gameplay Playlist ))) ((( Follow Me ))) Twitter - justinTV - google+ - TAGS Forza Motorsport 4 1080p Forza 4 FM4 FM F4 Forza Motorsport HD Koenigsegg CCGT Halo CE Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Special Paint Job VIP Gift Unicorn 343 industries car cars Turn 10 Xbox 360 nizzu nizzulive gameplay TopGear race racing speed R2 Class supercar supercars steering wheel manual transmission

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