Video - Forza 3 - 2008 Koenigsegg CCGT (753HP) Replay Cameras View (HD)

Videa Koenigsegg CCGT Forza 3 - 2008 Koenigsegg CCGT (753HP) Replay Cameras View (HD)

Forza 3 - 2008 Koenigsegg CCGT (753HP) Replay Cameras View (HD)

2008 Koenigsegg CCGT (753HP) 3 lap replay on the Camino Viejo de Montserrat track, using replay cameras. Assists / Difficulty Settings: ------------------------------------- Game Difficulty: CUSTOM - autobrake: off +10% - anti lock brakes: on - stability control: off +5% - traction control: on - shifting: manual +10% - suggested line: off +15% - opponent difficulty: medium +5% - damage, fuel, and tire wear: simulation +15% Total Earnings +60% ... Recorded with a Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card and a Dell Precision T3400 workstation with a four 7200 RPM HD RAID-0 array, which simulates a single 28800 RPM HD. This is our Xona Games system, used to professionally record footage of our games. Edited in VirtualDub and Windows Movie Maker. Let me know what you think of the quality. Xona Games ( ) is an award-winning, team of two, indie game studio. We specialize in intense retro games for the Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Windows Phone 7, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Windows PC. We plan to expand to Nintendo Wii. Check out Xona Games on YouTube: -- Matthew Doucette, Xona Games

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