Video - APEX | Koenigsegg CCX cruising Monte Carlo

Videa Koenigsegg CCX APEX | Koenigsegg CCX cruising Monte Carlo

APEX | Koenigsegg CCX cruising Monte Carlo

Facebook | Razzi | Going for a ride through Monte Carlo in the Koenigsegg CCX was an awesome experience. The way the CCX pulls when given the beans is truly impressive. And then there is the noise... The supercharged V8 produces this unique snarl that (in the second half of the video) terrifies Monte Carlo's elderly citizens. If you enjoy the video, please subscribe, like, bla bla bla you know the rest... Check out APEX's Facebook-page and like it to stay updated on what's coming up! Big thanks to the guys at Koenigsegg/Koenigsegg Norway and!

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