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2011 Koenigsegg Agera at Geneva

Talk about a super way to kick off the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. And yes, we intend the pun. We all know and love the Koenigsegg CCX, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth, at least as far as supercars go. Introduced to the world at large at (no surprise) 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the Swedish rocket has wowed enthusiasts for the past five years. But that was then-and in the case of biofuled, 1100 horsepower monster CCXR, then was a few months ago-the Agera is now. Designed to stay ahead of the hypercar curve, the Agera can be thought of as an evolution of the CCX. If the previous Koenigsegg had any flaw, it was its slabby, just kinda... there looks. The Agera changes that, with a much more sculpted, almost pinched front end. We find it much more attractive than the CCX, but as always, judge for yourself. Other design highlights include the wheels that generate a vortex in order to better suck hot air away from the brakes. You've also got the oval doughnut taillights, the doughnut part meaning that hot air escapes the engine bay via holes in the taillights. Pretty cool, no? Of course, what we really care about is what lies under the Agera's carbon fiber skin. It's the same 4.7-liter built-in-house Koenigsegg V8 from the CCX, but with a twist. Unlike the dual-superchargers found on the CCX, the Agera's engine gets twin-turbos. Power is typically bonkers, with 910 hp at 7250 rpm. Though the real story might be the force-inducted torque. Are you sitting down? 738 pound-feet of ...

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